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When it comes to free speech, sometimes you want to scream

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

When speaking up for women's rights is considered hate speech.

written by Rosie DiManno for The Star

Extract from the article is below

Privately hired bodyguards. A hefty police presence. Protests in the streets.
All because someone had the nerve to speak, to say things some other people find objectionable. Damn woman.
What in the world have we come to?
Not hateful, under the Criminal Code definition. Certainly not advocating harm to anybody. Which was the high ceiling that Your Ward News crashed through in its vicious hate-mongering towards women and Jews, resulting in the recent conviction of the vile giveaway tabloid’s publisher and editor.
Just a woman, a feminist writer and activist, who was invited to talk on Tuesday evening in the theatre of the Palmerston Street branch of the Toronto Library network. Her topic of discussion: “Gender identity: What does it mean for society, the law and women?”
You’d think a white supremacist rally had been called, such was the choler and hate-branding in some shout-y quarters.
Suddenly gender identity is all the rage. And raging.
Meghan Murphy is the villainess du jour, even banned from the river of vomit that is Twitter.
“I’ve never said trans people should not have rights,” the Vancouver-based alleged provocateur told a sold-out audience. “I’ve never said that trans women are not real women. I’ve said that trans males are male.”
She’s been accused of transphobia and bigotry, called a fascist, vilified as a heretic, threatened with death.
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