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on Non-Partisanship

1. We were founded as a non-partisan women’s organization and we intend to remain so for the life of the organization. That doesn’t mean we’re apolitical.


adjective: non-partisan

  • not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group.


adjective: apolitical

  • not interested or involved in politics.


2. We welcome women from all political orientations. One of our greatest achievements is bringing women together from across the political spectrum. This is unique in today’s divisive political climate. We achieve our goal of unity by remaining focused on our singular objective: the repeal of Bill C-16.


3. In our interactions with our associates and Canadian society at large, we strive to balance the Charter principles of free thought, belief, opinion and expression with caWsbar’s Position Statement and our desire for civility.


4. We welcome media coverage and will not refuse any mainstream or independent outlet, regardless of legitimate political affiliation.


5. We are pragmatic -- i.e., if any legitimate donor or sponsor wishes to fund our activities with an arms-length approach, we retain the right to entertain the proposal.


6. We praise elected officials when they advance women's sex-based rights and child safeguarding, and criticize those who oppose and prevent our goals.


7. In all of the above we remain strictly grassroots, woman-centred and women-led, while being open to accepting financial and practical assistance from men who advance our cause whenever necessary.

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