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Women in Canada are losing their hard-won rights.



The 7 Issues affecting women in Canada due to confusion between sex and "gender identity".



Don't label me with a gender identity.


The Trans Train - Part 1 - Swedish documentary


The increase of teenage girls with gender dysphoria worry parents and health care staff in several countries - because of the lack of research on the new group of patients. What if the irreversible decision to undergo a gender correction is a mistake?

Detransition: The Elephant in the Room. Part One

A video recording of an event held in Manchester on the 30th November 2019; hosted by Make More Noise to launch the Detransition Advocacy Network. Professionals in the field talking about evidence, science and gender identity with @stellaomalley3 @HannahKJRyan Dr David Bell and Dr Anna Hutchinson.

Posie Parker on Women's Rights

A fascinating episode with women's rights campaigner Posie Parker

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