'Psychopathic' child sex killer uses trans card

Written by Brad Hunter for the Toronto Sun, Feb 1, 2020

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Michael Williams, who now identifies as a woman, was 17 he raped and murdered Nina Courtepatte (pictured) at an Edmonton-area golf course with several others

The blunt description of convicted child sex killer Michael Williams was “horrendous and evil.”
It fits. His pals called him “Pyro.”
When the 32-year-old was 17 he raped and murdered Nina Courtepatte at an Edmonton-area golf course with several others.
She was 13-years-old.
That April in 2005, Nina was strangled, stabbed and then bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Pyro even tried to set the dying girl on fire.
Even Canada’s woke judiciary threw up their hands and sentenced Williams to life in prison as an adult.
So what’s he up to?
Prison sources told The Toronto Sun he is having the time of his life.
Now, Williams self-identifies as a woman although one source said his nod to the fairer sex is cursory at best.
“He is now sitting in segregation at Kent awaiting transfer to FVI (Fraser Valley Institute women’s prison),” one source said.
“He was at FVI before but got transferred back to Kent because he got caught having sexual relations with female inmates.”
Williams remains a fully-intact male and “only takes hormone replacement therapy drugs two weeks a month so he can maintain an erection.”
A bra and a crop top are the only nods to Williams’ newfound feminity.
As The Sun has recently reported, the criteria for a male jailbird to declare themselves trans is woefully thin. Five questions. That’s it.
And the inmates being transferred are sometimes violent sexual predators who have suddenly seen the error of their ways.
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