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It’s time for us all to stand up against Big ‘Sister’

The truth is being silenced, and we must stand up and fight back before it’s too late.

Extract from the article is below

Speak while you can. And by “speak,” we mean out loud, in public. Talk to your neighbours, your kids’ school, your professional association, your elected representatives — especially your elected representatives. Testify before every governing body that will have you, from your local school board to Senate committees. They aren’t going to invite you — you will have to go to them. You have a right to address your grievances to your government. Make enough noise that the press will have to cover it. Interrupt if you have to. We used to know how to do that, as a movement. Now we hold our breath and hope that the eye of Big Sister will pass over us.
It’s time to remember, before we forget entirely. The Left and the values it once held dear are eroding to an authoritarian impulse that we should have learned to firmly reject in the last century, yet here we are.
Stand and fight. Fight for reality, because two plus two equals four and it’s degrading to human dignity to be forced to submit to falsehoods. Fight for women, because we have a right to our boundaries and our own liberation movement. Fight for the children, especially the lesbian and gay kids, who are being sterilized and forever denied their future sexual function. Fight for a Left that believes in democracy and all its necessary conditions, from free health care to free speech. Fight every authoritarian impulse, which always springs from sexual sadism and never ends well for women. But fight. Find your courage, find your comrades, find your voice, and fight.
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