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Reflecting on our wins in 2023 and looking ahead to more in 2024

On December 12, we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our founding. What started as 10 concerned women banding together has now blossomed into a cross-country movement

It's said that politics lives downstream from culture and we believe that to be true. That's why we focus our efforts on normalizing conversations about sex-based protections and modelling the courage to speak up with a view to raising public awareness across the land.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how far we've travelled in 4 years and occasionally we even become discouraged, feeling besieged by the political and media landscape which has been commandeered by vocal and aggressive gender activists.

But our women- and children-centred movement is growing and we're becoming stronger and louder by the day. Once Canadians are aware of the true cost of gender identity ideology to women and children, they soon join us in fighting for what's right.

So take heart. Right side of history? Yep, we're on it -- and you know it!

To spur you on in the coming year, here's a selection of some of our activities and wins of 2023:

  • Our network of trusted caWsbar associates increased by 32% -- and counting

  • We held over 40 virtual meetings to strategize, share activism best practices, provide moral support, career advice and updates on the grassroots happenings right across the country

  • We grew our Twitter/X presence to over 15K followers and garnered 2.2 million post impressions

  • Our spokeswomen -- Heather Mason, Amy Hamm, Linda Blade and Mia Ashton -- provided commentary on the big stories of the week every Thursday afternoon throughout the year on The Richard Syrett Show on Sauga 960 AM radio

  • Heather, Amy and Linda were invited to speak at conferences in Canada and the US

  • We strengthened our alliances with sister organizations in Canada and around the world, including the newly formed Red Tent Collective

  • The protracted disciplinary hearing of Amy Hamm by the BC College of Nurses and Midwives wrapped up after 21 days of testimony spanning 14 months. Closing arguments will be heard March 18 and 19. Amy's hearing is an important exercise in pushback and a lesson in bravery in the face of draconian anti-woman policies in our public institutions

  • Our associates in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver mounted "Operation Overpass" demonstrations to protest males being housed in Canadian women's prisons

  • Heather Mason organized prison protests in Abbottsford, Toronto and Windsor

  • Five of our associates wrote investigative reports and created editorial illustrations for Gender Dissent

  • Eva Kurilova and felicia rembrandt wrote regular Substacks. Eva also wrote for several other publications including Reduxx

  • Many of our associates participated in letter-writing campaigns and public demonstrations in Canada and abroad, including a protest at the University of Toronto in which a male was invited as guest speaker at the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

  • Several of our associates were invited to meet with elected officials and had productive, meaningful conversations

  • At the Conservative Party of Canada's fall convention, Linda Blade presented a policy proposal asserting women's sex-based Charter protections -- which was resoundingly adopted with 87% in favour!

And in case you missed it, here's the inspirational video Esme Vee made for International Women's Day 2023. Enjoy!

Looking ahead: more in 2024

Coming up in the new year, we excitedly anticipate the Canadian launch of Women's Declaration International's publication Women's Rights, Gender Wrongs: the global impact of gender-identity ideology. Linda Blade, Eva Kurilova and Heather Mason are contributors and we couldn't be more proud.

Stay tuned for updates on the book launch event scheduled for International Women's Day.

Our gratitude

The caWsbar Steering Committee wishes to thank all our supporters who cheer us on, share our message and contribute financially. You help us do what we do and for that we're very grateful.

We wish you a happy, healthy and activated 2024!

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