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Why won't the Liberal government make its Gender Based Analysis public?

Written by Barbara Kay for the National Post, Jan 16, 2020

C-16 is proving to be a hornet’s nest. If the GBA was done in good faith, why can’t we see it? If in bad faith, it’s time we knew it.

Exactly. And how prescient she was when she wrote, “It is guaranteed that it will be only a short matter of time before C-16 triggers litigation that will place a financial and legal burden on women who will need to prove that biological women (and transitioned transgendered women) have a right to women’s-only safe spaces and the right to sex-segregated activities,” citing abuse shelters, spas, women’s prisons and women’s sports teams. All of her predictions have come true.
Was no consideration given to these possibilities in the obligatory GBA? We don’t know, because nobody outside the government has been able to get their hands on it. A Quebec group, Pour les Droits des Femmes (For Women’s Rights) asked the government as early as November 2016 to release the GBA, but their request was denied.
A women’s rights activist who goes by the name of “Jennifer Anne” joined forces with Diane Guilbault of PDF to continue pressing the issue, pretty well full time over the past three years. She is now affiliated with, and supported by caWsbar — the recently launched Canadian Women’s Sex-based Rights — an advocacy organization whose objective is to challenge C-16 on Charter grounds. Ultimately, the entire report was redacted on grounds of “cabinet confidence.”
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