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Activists protesting trans inmates at Kitchener prison for women

Written by Brad Hunter for the Toronto Sun, March 5, 2021

The Correctional Service of Canada and their political masters were determined to change policies involving trans inmates in 2017.

The idea was to put female-identifying [male] inmates in women’s prisons.

But among those making the move were killers, serial sex offenders and child rapists who now have a home among biological women.

Now, a number of former convicts and activists are demanding change. On Sunday they plan to protest in front of the Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener to call attention to their cause.

“We’re targeting the entire policy, we want them all removed, not just the violent ones,”

Heather Mason, of Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights, told The Toronto Sun.

A number of high-profile killers and pedophiles who now identify as female have found themselves in prisons filled with women who have suffered violence at the hands of men.

Many of the women are too frightened to speak out, Mason said, adding women’s prisons are designed for biological women with special programs involving their children.


Having a convicted pedophile hovering about terrifies them, Mason said.

“The CSC is downloading 100% of the risk of male violence from men’s prisons into women’s prisons,” she said, adding “this does not protect trans inmates, only a select few. In fact, it does a disservice to trans women.”
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